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Topic: General Availability of HingX - 01/14/2013

by 1/14/2013 1:52 PM

 HingX "Alpha" program has been a great success, and we are thankful to all of the early adopters and contributors.  Some of the comments from our early adopters describe HingX as "incredibly easy to use", "excellent tool for sharing experience", and a "one-stop site for quickly finding relevant information". 

The HingX content and community continues to grow rapidly and now includes 974 high quality Health IT Resources contributed by 183 members from 31 user groups.

Now, with all of the core features completed and validated by early adopters, we are very excited to announce the General Availability of HingX! With your support and encouragement, we look forward to welcoming new members to HingX. The HingX site, and all the services it currently provides, is available to everyone and is absolutely free of charge.

HingX is a community-driven platform and therefore your comments and suggestions shaped HingX into its current state and we are looking forward to our future collaboration. We would like to express our special gratitude to the following individuals for providing the most innovative ideas, constructive feedback and overall support and guidance: Karl Brown, Adam Slote, Mark Landry, Paul Biondich, Alvin Marcelo, Ken Rubin, Carl Fourie and Kate Waldman. 

Here is a quick outline of some recently added features that were implemented based on your suggestions:

·          You thought “Add a Resource” function could be simplified – check out the completely redesigned functionality providing users with the intuitive and user-friendly approach to describing their Resources

·          You run the same search regularly  - HingX now provides an ability to save searches as dynamic folders, enabling reuse and sharing of frequently executed search queries

·          Wish you can quickly register that interesting website – use the HingX browser plugin to register Resources directly from websites  

·          You would like to build your own automation and integration – full set of HingX API is now available

·          You were wondering what other Resources your peers are using - HingX now suggests relevant content based on users' viewing habits

·          You are sending a lot of emails with attachments, have but no time to register those documents in HingX - register your Resources automatically by simply sending an email to HingX

·          Wish you can quickly find and attach that important document when sending your email - attach files directly from the HingX registry using  Microsoft Outlook plug-in